Skinners Chicken and Rice

Skinners Chicken and Rice

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Field & Trial Chicken & Rice has been carefully developed to include a protein level of 22% and a fat level of 10% to support the requirements of a range of active dogs.

With protein being provided from digestible chicken, to support muscle integrity and development, and fat to support moderate performance output, Field & Trial Chicken & Rice is an ideal choice for a range of dogs.

These factors, along with rice supplying digestible carbohydrate as an energy source, means that Field & Trial Chicken & Rice constitutes a diet to support the day-to-day requirements of active dogs.

Which types of dog is this food suitable for?

  • Active dogs who require a moderate level of protein and fat to support activity.
  • Dogs with sensitivities and/or intolerance to wheat, maize, barley, soya, beef and/or fish sources of protein.

Why should you choose Chicken & Rice for your dog?

  • Includes highly digestible chicken.
  • Rice provides a highly digestible carbohydrate source to provide energy for instant use during periods of intense activity
  • Contains essential fats from linseed and sunflower oil to support energy output as well as coat and skin condition.
  • Formulated without wheat, maize or barley
  • Chicken & Rice is a complete food that provides all the nutrients your active dog needs to be fit, happy and healthy

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