Yakity-yaks Puff Nuggets - Green and Wilds

Yakity-yaks Puff Nuggets - Green and Wilds

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Puff Nuggets are hand crafted from Yaks milk cheese. The cheese is a blend of 100% Yaks milk and cows milk, with a little lime and salt and then smoked to form a hard tasty cheese. 

This is heated up just like popcorn, it puffs up to make a light, crispy, crunchy snack. 

The Himalayan people (and their dogs) have been enjoying this healthy cheese for generations. 

They are: 

- odour free and long lasting 

- great for dental health 

- gluten/preservative free

- organic and vegetarian 

- low in fat, no additives and hypoallergenic 

- suitable for dogs from 3 months 

Composition: yak and cow milk 99.9%, lime juice and salt 

Analytical Constituents: protein 53.4-68.5%, fat 5.6-7.2%, moisture 5.9-12.9%, ash 6.6-7.7%, crude fibre 5.9-6.5%